Youtube update: you may now view 4K videos on YouTube for free and learn about the company’s strategy.

Youtube update 2022 4K videos on YouTube for free

youtube update: The monthly cost for a YouTube Premium subscription is Rs 129. The yearly plan costs Rs 1,290 while the three-month plan costs Rs 399.

youtube update

Youtube update: There is excellent news for you if you enjoy viewing YouTube videos. On the video streaming service YouTube, 4K videos may now be seen without charge. You are no longer need to purchase a premium subscription for this. Let us remind you that 4K videos on YouTube were previously exclusively available to premium subscribers. The business had previously declared it will provide users access to their account handles.

In reality, 4K video streaming on YouTube was just moved to the premium section. YouTube’s action was sharply condemned on social media as well, and as a result, the business altered its mind. Users on YouTube were overwhelmingly opposed to the idea of purchasing a premium membership for 4K video streaming after a study was performed. The business has put an end to its 4K video streaming trial in light of this outcry.

There is no longer a requirement for a premium subscription to watch 4K videos on YouTube, according to an official declaration issued by the platform. Let us know that consumers must pay Rs 129 per month for a premium subscription. The yearly plan costs Rs 1,290 while the three-month plan costs Rs 399. Users that subscribe to the premium service also have the opportunity to download videos.

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