HDFC Bank open 2000 new branches, preparing to open 2000 new branches in FY23

HDFC Bank open 2000 new branches

HDFC Bank customers In the near future, HDFC Bank plans to offer exceptional services to its clients. Shashidhar Jagdishan, the company’s MD, stated that the bank plans to open 1500-2000 additional branches in the next 3 to 5 years. Not only that, but HDFC Bank MD and CEO Shashidhar has stated that the bank would provide new services every three weeks, allowing consumers to receive better service. Who is the owner of HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank open 2000 new branches
HDFC Bank open 2000 new branches

HDFC Bank customers

HDFC Bank open 2000 new branches“In the future times, HDFC will infuse strong personnel, greater product knowledge, expertise, procedures, and systems into HDFC Bank,” Shashidhar said of the merging of HDFC Bank and HDFC. Jagadeesan stated that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance that he does not want to miss out on.

As of the end of March, HDFC Bank has 21,683 banking facilities across the country. If four overseas branches are added, the total number of branches rises to 6342. The bank now has 18,130 ATMs and Cash Deposit Machines as of March 31, 2022. It has a network of 15,341 business correspondents. According to analysts, expanding the number of branches will assist HDFC Bank in accepting more deposits.

The bank’s CEO, according to him, “Currently, barely 2% of our customers use us for house loans. While 5% of consumers take out house loans from other organizations, “Precautions.” He went on to say that 70% of HDFC ltd clients do not bank with them. In this case, the bank will introduce a number of tools to link these individuals. Who is the owner of HDFC Bank

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